I help empower moms to evaluate the direction of their health and nutrition through coaching, classes, hair mineral balancing and the use of common blood tests viewed through the lens of functional ranges for nutrition.

By understanding how depleted they are from literally filling everyone else’s cup before their own, they are able to take action to replenish themselves and live a life of abundance and presence.

I work with women who learn to trust their intuition, live outside the box, and be their own advocate with the help of science, crystals, and ancestral wisdom.


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You’ve tried so many diets and supplements and are tired of trying to figure it out on your own. 

Who has time for that kind of research?!  The kids need breakfast, the dog needs walking, and you haven’t even considered what’s for dinner yet.

It shouldn’t be this hard! 

  • Do you feel tired in the afternoon around 3 pm?
  • Do you rely on caffeine or energy drinks to get you through your workday?
  • Have you been wondering where your brain went during your meetings?
  • Have you found yourself craving sweets after meals, or want a nap?
  • Are you afraid your kids might never get to see the real you - the fun-loving, energetic woman you’re meant to be?

This, my friend, is not living. It’s existing, but it’s not living. 

Imagine waking up feeling refreshed and ready to meet the day’s challenges with a smile on your face. 


Working with Aypril means not having to do this on your own. 

You’ve got enough responsibilities to handle, and you’re tired. 

It’s time to stop putting your needs last, and get back to living!


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"I know you’ve improved my life. 2 years ago I could barely leave my house. A year ago I could barely drive across town. Yesterday I drove myself to Seattle and was able to get out of bed today. It’s sporadic, not easy...definitely not easy...and my health makes me unreliable, but most of my steps go in the right direction now!"

– Client

"If I could give Aypril 10 stars, I would! I came to her after seeing another nutritionist who was a terrible fit for me. Her warmth, generosity, knowledge, sense of humor and compassion has allowed my transformation to unfold. I have a history of sensitivities and allergies and she really “got it.” I am doing great and feel like hiring Aypril was one of the BEST gifts I have ever given myself. It all starts with what we eat!!! I highly recommend her."

– Client

"I’d say Aypril’s advice is not only top notch, she seems to say exactly what you need on the day that you need it! It’s always way more than just nutritional advice. I’ll continue to drive 45 minutes just to spend an hour with her when I can!"

– Client

"Aypril has been a valuable and trusted partner in my healing journey. Through her nutritional expertise and beneficial suggestions, she has helped me resolve my digestive issues, so that I could move forward along my path. Not only is she very knowledgeable, she is also kind, upbeat, super supportive, and a joy to work with. Highly recommended."

– Client

"I believe that our bodies, when provided the nutrition that they crave, have the ability to heal themselves. Aypril worked with me to find the root cause of my symptoms and to then address them with a combination of food and supplements. The difference in my energy level, quality of sleep and clarity is astounding. My symptoms improved dramatically within a few days of making small changes (e.g. eating first thing in the morning before coffee), making a couple of changes to my diet and using supplements — for the first time, I understand what my body needs and how to provide it. I recommend Aypril to anyone who is looking to feel better by understanding their body’s nutritional needs and how to use food to support everything their body is up to. Thank you, Aypril!"

– Client

"Aypril has been a tremendous asset to me living a more healthful lifestyle. I have family history of autoimmune disorders, diagnosed recently as early onset arthritis ... daily fatigue and joint pain ... All things I did not know how to manage from a nutritional standpoint. I came to her frustrated and overwhelmed. Through meetings, phone calls and emails she has done a wonderful job of explaining to me in a way I could process how nutrition effects the different organs, bodily processes, glandular systems and so on. Through her recommended dietary changes, supplement support and minor exercise I have experienced diminished joint pain, my fatigue is no longer a persistent issue and I overall am feeling “improved”. Aypril’s compassion, ability to discuss complex matters in a way that is easily digested, and enthusiasm for nutritional support have inspired to me to maintain this lifestyle change. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for support/advice on how nutrition can improve their life."

– Client


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